Swimming Pool Maintenance / Swimming Pool Cleaning Service

We are a full-service pool cleaning company. We offer three levels of pool service; Water Management Service, Partial Cleaning Program, Deluxe Full Service Cleaning Program, and several miscellaneous services to address the individual needs of our pool customers. The pool services are summarized as follows:

Water Management Service

In this program, we take care of the chemical treatment of your pool. Our technicians visit your pool once a week on the same day and around the same time to test and treat your pool with the necessary weekly chemicals from their truck. Includes salt cell cleaning per manufacture recommendations. D.E. powder available upon request.

Our water management service is designed for customers who want to be in control of all pool cleaning responsibilities, but do not want to transport, store or administer the proper amount of chemicals to their pool. This program is only recommended for screened-in pools with auto-vacuum.

Partial Cleaning Program

Northeast Florida Pools Service Partial Cleaning Program includes our Water Management Service plus brushing your pool walls and steps, backwashing DE or sand filters or cleaning cartridge filters as needed, emptying all the skimmer baskets and pump basket, equipment inspections and maintain the timer. Call today to get started!

Deluxe Full Service Program

This Program includes our Partial Cleaning Program, plus vacuuming, surface netting, empty and clean auto-vacuum bag or basket, attached spa cleaning, etc.

*All programs require water level to be maintained by customer.

*All service plans have conditioner usage invoiced on an annual basis.

Full Service

Customers who cannot or prefer to be freed from all pool maintenance responsibilities. Highly recommended for non-screened pools.

All customers who have this need. Service rates equal or exceed community standards. Service is provided by licensed and insured technicians.

General Repair Program

Repair pool equipment, leaks, and general maintenance on most pool components and accessories. Complete system replacements including equipment pad, heaters, filters, pumps, control panels, and salt systems.

Special Services

  • Pool Clean-Out/ Green Pool Recovery
  • Stain Treatments
  • Temporary Full Service
  • Auto Vacuum Repair
  • Auto Water Fillers
  • Salt Water Pool Maintenance
  • Leak Detection

Salt Water Sanitation Systems

Salt Chlorine Generators require regular maintenance and chemical supplements. Our salt chlorinator specialist monitors these systems, adds chemicals and salt as required and cleans the salt cells per manufacture guidelines.

For all pool performance challenges

All salt chlorine generator pools. This service is available in our Water Management Service, Partial Cleaning and Deluxe Full Service Program at no extra charge to the customer.

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NEF Pool Service proudly services the following counties:

Duval, St. Johns, and Clay
In the Greater Jacksonville Area
Please contact us for specific service areas! (904) 636-0903
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