Leak Detection

Old concrete pools usually have multiple places where they can leak due to deteriorating plaster, layers of peeling paint, loose tile, cracks and defects in the shell of the pool or the piping and filtration system. There can be multiple causes, including but not limited to, old age, loose tile, poor construction and prior renovations. We have been called in to evaluate brand new pools that were leaking badly from the start.

Leak detection is multifaceted, involving both diving gear for underwater investigation, specialty pressure testing and listening equipment to detect leaks underground. Repair costs will depend on the location and cause of the leak. Water loss is a serious issue that costs you, the owner, time, stress and money. Water loss needs to be addressed quickly and efficiently. Water is a valuable resource that needs to be conserved. Leaking pools can create incredible damage to the pool structure itself and the surrounding patios and landscaping. By constantly adding new fill water to top off your pool, you are wasting chemicals needed to continually balance your water. Call us to set up your leak detection. There is always a solution.